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Industry Introduction

Based on consolidating and developing traditional industries, Hengxing Group has been exploring and optimizing its industrial layout. In 2018, the Group formally established the cultural and tourism industry sector, integrated it into the development strategy of the Group relying on special and excellent cultural and tourism resources and carefully planned and built each cultural and tourism project. Hengxing has invested into or held shares of Fujian Anxi Qingshuiyan Tourism Development Co., Ltd (in the process of incorporation), an in-building Luxury hotel, etc.

Anxi Qingshuiyan TOURISM Development Co., Ltd

Fujian Anxi Qingshuiyan Tourism Development Co., Ltd (in the process of incorporation) undertook some parts of the expansion project of Qingshuiyan, a national 4A resorts and scenic area, and invested into Qingshuiyan Hot Spring Resort with a planned construction area of around 200,000 square meters. It is a large-scale tourism and cultural project that combines scenic spots, religious culture, hot springs, leisure and holiday, business meetings and tourism real estate.

Kanas Resort Development Co., Ltd : one of the largest leading tourism enterprises in Xinjiang as well as a comprehensive tourism enterprise integrating hotel, catering, tourism and scenic development.

An High Quality Luxury Hotel  
Hengxing Group is planning to build a luxury hotel in 2 to 3 years, providing guests with an ultimate city business experience by utilizing unique architectural aesthetics and perfect facilities and services.

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