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Hengxing holds 291th rank in "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in Service Industry"
2019.09.30 229

From August 31 to September 1, the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association jointly hosted the China Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum 2019 in Jinan City, Shandong Province, attended by representatives from government departments, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from across the country, totaling more than a thousand. The forum officially unveiled lists like "China Top 500 Enterprises 2019", "China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises" and "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in Service Industry" in which Xiamen Hengxing Group shot up 10 places to join the 291th in 2019. This marks the eighth consecutive year of Hengxing's joining the top enterprises list in service industry.


The "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in Service Industry" is the most authoritative list of its domestic kind and an indicator to observe the development of Chinese enterprises. Against the backdrop of the intricacies of the international environment accompanied by the painful transformation of domestic economies, the “double-lift” of scale and efficiency in the top 500 enterprises is benefited from a significant increase in the internal force that drives innovation. The top 500 list covers 76 industries, with total operating income hitting 79.10 trillion yuan, among which 235 are private enterprises. The list also marks the 18th consecutive year of public release by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association.


Hengxing Group continues to be listed in "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in Service Industry"

The list has seen an increasing threshold for entry for 17 consecutive years. Hengxing Group's staying in the list this year fully demonstrates a stable development trend and outstanding competitiveness despite of complicated and ever-changing economic situations.


Xiamen Hengxing Group, founded in 1994, adheres to the core values of “integrity, responsibility, innovation and win-win” and commits itself to the goal of being a respected century-old enterprise. Over more than 20 years of steady development, Hengxing has grown into a large private enterprise that takes investment as the leading business but integrates mining, trade, asset management, cultural tourism, education and others, with its wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries scattered in mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other countries and regions. With a total asset exceeding 17 billion yuan, Hengxing is now part of the China Top 500 Private Enterprises list and a member of China’s top 500 service companies, Fujian’s top 100 enterprises, Xiamen’s top 100 enterprises, and leading private enterprises in Xiamen.


In the course of maintaining cross-industry operations, Hengxing Group constantly seeks reforms and innovations, as well as vigorously explores and embraces industrial transformation and upgrading. For years to come, Hengxing Group will thoroughly implement the concept of innovation and development, adhere to the fundamental needs of high-quality development, and strive to make greater contributions in promoting employment, taxation and economic development as an innovative industry leader.

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